Partnering with Valutico, an Austrian Software company which created a disruptive corporate valuation tool.

Finance-Force is using this tool for it's own valuation mandates and is an authorised reseller for clients who have a ongoing need for valuing corporates such as:

- Private Equity
- Fiduciary
- Corporate Groups
- Family Offices
- And more

for main applications such as:
- M&A Valuation
- Restructuring
- Impairment Test
- Tax Valuation

Key features

Maket data access

Private or Public? It doesn’t matter, We have got you covered.

Valuations in minutes

Pick and choose according to your very own preferred valuation methodologies and standards.


Comprehensive analysis Exportable to PowerPoint and Word at the click of a button.

Big data

Valutico integrates the world's leading financial databases and does the number crunching. So that you don't have to..

Swarm intelligence

Valutico anonymously feeds user opinions back into our system. You get the benefits, with smarter and more intuitive recommendations to help refine your analysis..


Leading Market Data

Get access to reliable market data such as multiples or beta factors – from leading financial databases, but without the costs and complexity that usually comes with it.

Automatic Business Planning

Allow Valutico to support your own business plan efforts. Create different business plan scenarios and benchmark against peers. Comprehensive analysis in minutes.

Full Business Plan Support

Let Valutico cross-check your business plan and provide useful suggestions to promote consistency and plausibility, allowing you to make amendments easily where necessary.

Market-based Discount Rates

Spend less time painstakingly extracting multiple discount rates from several databases: Automatic derivation of discount rates has arrived.

Cutting-edge Methodologies

Pick and choose from over 15 of the world’s leading valuation methodologies. Review and change key valuation drivers according to your requirements.
All calculations are fully transparent and can be adapted where needed.

Plausibility Checks Included

Compare your valuation results to hundreds of thousands of reference transactions.

Qualitative Assessment and Analysis

Incorporate unique qualitative variables into your valuation models, further strengthening your analysis.

Insightful Visualisations

Powerful, easy to understand, data visualisations to help provide clarity for you and your clients.

Powerpoint and Word Export

Forget spending hours transferring results from spreadsheet to slides. Simply export your results to various PowerPoint and Word templates –
at the click of a button.

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