Our investment portfolio

From startups through to global businesses, a selection of our portfolio.

Meritis - integrated Swiss protection

One of the leaders in drone defence and force training/simulation. Based in Switzerland, Meritis was founded in 1999 . Originally providing close protection services, the company has expanded its activities into the training and product business.
The core focus is developing and delivering customer specific solutions in various technical fields and selling products in the Force Protection and Infrastructure Division.

21 Natural health - pure and powerful

21 Natural Health products are based on essential oils. With over twenty-five years of experience in natural medicines, the various products have been developed using traditional recipes and are produced in accordance with modern compliant practices.

The flagship product 024 Pain Neutraliser is US and Canadian FDA approved, and currently being launched worldwide.

Prime Elements - quality you can rely on

Prime Elements is a boutique swiss real estate company offering comprehensive services from design through to development. The investment arm invests in special development projects.

One of the most current and largest project underway is the new hotel and apartment complex in Sedrun, Switzerland, as part of the new and exciting Andermatt development project.

Serbot - Swiss Innovations in Solar and Facade robotics

SERBOT AG develops and manufactures intelligent and mobile service-robots for an efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning of demanding surfaces, like modern glass facades or photovoltaic systems.

After multi-million R&D investment and first sales in Europe, the business is now ready for a sales push in markets showing substantial opportunities and accompanied by a rising pipeline in the Middle-East, North America and China.

Perpetu Wealth Services - Blockchain for family offices

Perpetuo Wealth Services distributes a digital virtual office technology enabling to connect, control and manage all data and relevant information of any subject or object in a given network (ecosystem) of an individual.

Perpetuo positions itself with its self developed identifier BRIQS Management System® - the 1st digital virtual office platform in the Wealth Management industry, more particularly for UHNWI and Single Family Offices.

Antanas - Fashion house and Genie collection

Antanas AG, a swiss based fashion company, and owner of the brands happy genie and genie in a bag.

Swiss startup designing, developing and manufacturing luxury handbags. Multifunctional, ethical, one bag with endless possibilities. Happy Genie is the first luxury vegan handbag made from apples.

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